• Image of Mystery Batik Bulk Bags (Set)
  • Image of Mystery Batik Bulk Bags (Set)

Shop in style - bulk buying and market shopping are easy peasy & plastic free with these bulk buy bags with drawstring closure.

This series of bags are created with surplus batik print fabric and reusable for years and years!

Because the seams are reinforced, you will have no problem filling them with grains, rice, or nuts!

The bags come in two sizes, available in any combination.

Small bags: 8 inch x 10 inch (fits 7-8 small apples/oranges)
Large bags: 9 inch x 12 inch

P.S. No two bags are exactly alike! The fabric used will differ - we surprise you with a mystery batik pattern! If you like any particular pattern that you may have seen on our Instagram profile, leave us a note on checkout and we will take note!

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