• Image of Menstrual Cup (Freedom Cup)

Freedom Cups in the house!

We ship the cups in a cloth bag which you can use to keep them in. There is no box packaging for the cups in line with our efforts to reduce packaging waste.

The cups have been designed to fit women both pre-childbirth and post-childbirth. They are slightly smaller than the international standard and the silicone is made to be more malleable for easier insertion and removal.

The cups weigh just 30 grams and are ideal for sports and water activities and are leak-free for 10 to 12 hours (this is an average; some women experience heavier flows than others).

Cleaning tips!
Once removed, use clean water and a fragrance-free soap to wash out. Dry it with tissue or a clean towel. If you are in public, handicapped toilets (with connected sinks) are great. You can also use a mineral water bottle to clean it out.

Sterilizing is not necessary every time you empty the cup out. But you are advised to sterilize the cup before and after your period. Simply get a small porcelain bowl, place your Freedom Cup inside, and pour hot water over.