• Image of Nature's Toothbrush
  • Image of Nature's Toothbrush

These sticks from the peelu tree are the truly all-natural toothbrush. They do a great job cleaning teeth and are super gentle on gums! No toothpaste is needed.

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How do you turn this twig into a toothbrush, you ask? Easy peasy!

1. Scrape off a little bit of bark from the end of the twig. About half an inch is a good enough bit.
2. Wash the twig and start chewing! The aim is to chew the tip to create a "brush". This takes no time at all, and is - as we always say - one of the little meditations that we enjoy.
3. Once you're satisfied with the bristles that you have made, start cleaning your teeth!

Tip: you can soak your stick's bristles in shallow water for a little while if you want to soften them further before brushing.

Why use this all-natural "toothbrush"?

It's fuss-free and definitely eliminates all the plastic and manufacturing waste that come from commercial toothbrushes and toothpastes. Plus it's super hygienic! You'll trim down the bristles every now and then, which essentially creates a brand new brush! Did we mention you won't need toothpaste?

Toothbrush sticks are super gentle on gums & have teeth whitening properties too! Improve your gum health, prevent cavities, take care of your pearly whites - all while creating literally no waste at all!

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