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How do you clean your bamboo straws????!

So you’ve got yourself a bunch of straws, drunk your first smoothie, posted your pic on Instagram… now you’ve got a straw to clean!

Our straws are made from whole bamboo stalks - nothing recompressed! - which makes them easy to clean and maintain. A well made bamboo straw is long-lasting, and cleaning is easy!

All you need is to rinse them out under the tap after everyday use or shake in a jar of warm soapy water if you like. Every month or so, you can boil a pot of vinegar water mix and soak the straws for a few mins if you want a super thorough clean! We use an electric kettle, so we just pour boiling water into a pan or pot and add a spoonful of vinegar for the soak.

Easy peasy, we told you so!

Always let your bamboo straws dry fully. They dry very quickly! Store your straws in a well-ventilated place, and never in air-tight containers or jars.