• Image of Wild Beeswax Wraps

Made with wild harvest beeswax and cotton fabric. What you see is what you get!

The ultimate alternative to plastic clingwrap. Proven to keep bread, veggies, mushrooms, cut fruits and leftover sandwiches fresh for longer!

Beeswax wraps are not a new invention. Waxed cloth has been used for food storage since ancient times!

Each set contains three wraps:
Small - 20 x 20cm
Medium - 30 x 30 cm
Large - 37 x 40 cm

You will receive a mystery wrap design when you order.

To use:
The warmth of your hand makes the beeswax wrap malleable. Fold and wrap as you wish. The wrap will create a seal around teh object.
Good for any perishables. Not suitable for raw meat. Do not wrap hot containers or hot food.

To wash:
Wipe surface under cool running water. There is no need to use soap. Air dry before storing or reusing.